Weight Lifting

'Weight Lifting is a sport for everyone regardless of your sporting background. This sport can be used to assist you in reaching any goal. You CAN do weight lifting to build large muscles, but that's not the whole story. You can equally choose to do in a way that won't mean you get bulky at all, instead focusing on losing fat, building tone and improving posture. There are a whole lot of other reasons to weight lift too, including:

-          Improved flexibility and reduced chances of injuries as a direct result

-          Increased metabolism and BMR (basal metabolic rate), so calories are still burnt while you rest

-          Losing fat and toning up and improved posture

-          Strengthens and increases bone density, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis

-          Improved energy levels because of the heightened metabolism

-          Improved homeostasis at the cellular/hormonal level

 You can also start weightlifting both younger or older than you might think. To find out more visit the links below.' 


British Weight Lifting

T: 0113 224 9402

Twitter: @GBWeightlifting

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