Cumbria School Games

What is the Vision?

The school Games will continue to make a clear and meaningful difference to the lives of even more children and young people. 

What is the Mission?

Keeping sport at the heart of schools in Cumbria and providing young people with opportunities to achieve their personal best.

Cumbria School Games - Vision, Mission, and Characteristics

What is the School Games?

The culture of the School Games is very much adapting and moving forwards to align with the Sport England ‘Uniting the Movement’ strategy. The focus will be on ensuring the School Games is relevant to a wider audience of children and young people, creating opportunities to engage in positive activity to support their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and development. 

Throughout the year Active Cumbria alongside the local School Games Organisers work together to organise events, festivals and competitions.  

Latest figures from the Active Lives Children's survey suggest that while 48% of children are regarded as being active (60 mins per day), there are still 52% that are not meeting that level, and actually 30% that aren’t doing 30 minutes of activity each day. Our target audience for 2023 is SEND and less active children and young people with the aim of inspiring them to become more active as part of their every day lives.

The Cumbria School Games Primary and Secondary Handbooks

The Cumbria School Games Primary and Secondary handbooks have been created to offer more information on each individual event.

Cumbria School Games 2023/24 event schedule to be announced soon!