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Cumbria School Games

What is the Vision?

The School Games will continue to make a clear and meaningful difference to the lives of even more children and young people.

What is the Mission?

Keeping sport at the heart of schools in Cumbria and providing young people with opportunities to achieve their personal best.

Cumbria School Games - Vision, Mission, and Characteristics

What is the School Games?

The culture of the School Games is very much adapting and moving forwards to align with the Sport England ‘Uniting the Movement’ strategy. The focus will be on ensuring the School Games is relevant to a wider audience of children and young people, creating opportunities to engage in positive activity to support their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and development. 

Latest figures from the Active Lives Children's survey suggest that while 45% of children are regarded as being active (60 mins per day), there are still 55% that are not meeting that level, and actually 31% that aren’t doing 30 minutes of activity each day. This is where the focus of the free to all School Games offer in Cumbria will now be aimed at, looking to engage a wider range of children and young people.  

County Sport Events – Face to Face

Active Cumbria, alongside the School Games organisers and the Youth Sport Trust held two festivals in 2022:

Wednesday 25th May 2022 (Penrith Leisure Centre)

Cumbria Primary Panathlon Event

Cumbria Secondary Panathlon Event

Wednesday 6th July 2022 (Sheepmount, Carlisle)

Cumbria Primary Tri-Golf Skills Festival (Small Schools)

Cumbria Primary Tri-Golf Skills Festival (Large Schools)

Cumbria Primary Orienteering Festival (Small Schools)

Cumbria Primary Orienteering Festival (Large Schools)

Cumbria Primary Multi-Skills Festival

Cumbria Primary Dodgeball Festival

Cumbria Secondary Orienteering Festival

Cumbria Secondary Dodgeball Festival

The Cumbria School Games Primary and Secondary handbooks have been created to offer more information on each individual event.

What's New?

KOBOCA – Active Cumbria have purchased the license for this new system that will be used to organise, plan, and deliver both face to face and virtual festivals and competitions. We think it will make things more straight forward for teachers as it has the ability to allow you to access competitions at a local, county and national level, with a really simple way of signing up to events and uploading your results. It also comes with a surveying tool which your school will find useful for collecting evidence for Ofsted and Primary PE and School Sport Premium.

All schools will be required to sign up to the KOBOCA system prior to accessing any School Games events. It is easy to sign-up and support can be accessed through your local SGO or Active Cumbria should it be required.

Virtual Challenges - As well as the face to face county events as outlined above, there will also be a number of virtual challenges running across the year that can be accessed through the KOBOCA system. There are a minimum of 12 national virtual challenges plus any additional challenges that are developed by SGOs and Active Cumbria and added to KOBOCA across the academic year.

Thank you to our sponsors who help to make the Cumbria School Games possible.

Headline Sponsor: Thank you to The Cumberland for being our headline sponsor