Taekwondo is centered on moves, steps and shapes which represent fighting situations, but has no confrontational element.

As a combat sport, Taekwondo is more formal and features rules and point-scoring methods.

The name Taekwondo literally translates as the way of the foot and the fist - tae means to break or attack with the foot, kwon means to break with the fist and do translates as the art or way.

Why is it good for me?

Taekwondo can help to increase strength, flexibility, concentration and reflexes.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary between clubs, but lots of places offer a free taster session.

What equipment do I need?

If you are attending a ‘taster’ session, the club may provide you with protective equipment free of charge.

Loose sportswear, such as jogging bottoms and sweatshirt should be fine for a beginner.

Getting Started

British Taekwondo (the national governing body) has a section on their website called Try Taekwondo which gives further details about hte sport and how best to start.

There is also a club finder on the website too.

Finally KickSister is a fitness and safety awareness programme offering exercise and simple self-defence moves.  The KickSister programme is aimed at women and young girls (aged 11+) to encourage more females to get active.  KickSister provides a soft entry into Taekwondo and is linked to the THIS GIRL CAN campaign.