Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

As an Active Partnership, we actively seek to ensure that the sporting workforce across Cumbria reflects the communities we serve, recognising that this makes us better able to understand their needs and priorities.

Our aim is to support clubs to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion run through everything you do.  

How can you combat these inequalities in sport & physical activity

Through extensive research, Sport England have identified several groups that have low participation in sport and physical activity, further information and understanding of these groups activities can be seen here

Sport England are also supporting organisations and individuals like yourself to address this, including: 

Support Organisations

There are a range of organisations that can help you be more equitable and help those groups of people that are under-represented in sport and physical activity.  Buddle is a good place to start. More

The bodies of sports have strategies to tackle discrimination – for example:

The Law

We must not forget that equality, diversity and inclusion is a legal requirement. The Equality Act became law in 2010. It protects everyone from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

Application in the sporting context

The Act’s prohibition of discrimination applies in defined areas, such as employment, services and public functions. Several of these areas are relevant in the sporting context, including: 

  • membership and the benefits and services provided to members
  • where sports organisations are ‘service providers’ (e.g. vents or training are provided to customers), they will be subject to the Act’s prohibition of discrimination
  • employees of sports organisations