Active 10

Did you know that walking briskly for just 10 continuous minutes counts as exercise?

It's easier than you think to fit into your day with the Active 10 walking tracker app!

Why is it good for me?

A brisk 10 minute walk every day is a great excuse to get outside and improve your health. Each 10 minute burst of exercise is known as an "Active 10".

Brisk walking is simply walking quicker than usual at a pace that gets your heart pumping. Start with a 10 minute brisk walk a day and then see if you can gradually build up to more.

You could walk part of your journey home, pop to the shops on foot, or just get some fresh air. No gym memberships, no brightly coloured Lycra. Just 10 minutes and you!

How much does it cost?

Totally free you just need to have access to the Active 10 app if you want to track your activity. The app also designed to support you every step of the way to increase your daily level of physical activity.

What equipment do you need?

Nothing in particular just some comfortable clothing and footwear.