Basketball goes from strength to strength and is played in sports clubs, leisure centres and on courts across the country. It's fast, skilful and fun. It is popular with both sexes and most age groups.

Never played basketball? It is played between two teams of five, with the aim being to throw the ball in your opponent’s basket.

Why is it good for me?

  • Improves agility and fitness
  • Great for balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Very sociable

How much does it cost?

Dependent on the club and coach, taster sessions can start from as little as £4 for court hire. If you play for a club you will often have to pay ‘subs’ for a year that will cover the court, referee, and coaching costs. You may also have to buy kit.

What equipment do i need?

Comfortable clothes and trainers you can run in. Clubs will usually provide basketballs.

Getting Started

England Basketball website and court finder (links below) are a great place to start