100 Mile Challenge

The 100 Mile Challenge Programme has been developed by Active Cumbria in Partnership with New Balance as a cost effective way to help schools support all children to meet the levels of physical activity recommended by government and can be funded using  PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools.

The challenge is simple, we encourage participating schools to get all pupils to complete and record 100 miles of physical activity during the academic year.

Miles can be measured both within and outside of the school day, through walking, running, cycling, swimming and other means.

Our aim is for children and young people to feel more motivated, confident and able to get active – which will also increase the likelihood of being active later in life.

The 100 Mile Challenge is a programme designed to be fully inclusive and flexible. Schools have adopted a range of ways to incorporate physical activity into the school day, including undertaking the ‘mile a day’ concept. It’s also a great way to recognise and encourage activity outside of school and on the journey to and from school.

You can do the 100 mile challenge alongside Active Travel to School walking, cycling and scooting initiatives. You could also take part in Street Tag.

The Impact

By taking part in this programme you will be evidencing to Ofsted that your school is tackling a number of the key aims of the PE and Sport Premium funding, such as: -

  • Promoting the health and wellbeing of all pupils, especially those who are overweight or obese.
  • Identifying ‘non-participants’ in extra-curricular sport and physical activity and providing additional activities to encourage their immediate and longer term participation in sport and physical activity.

Our research over the previous academic year has shown that the programme has had a positive impact on pupils: -

  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Relationships in School
  • Attitude to Physical Activity

The programme’s impact is measured through short pupil surveys which are completed at the start and end of the challenge. We are also able to provide a short report on your school’s survey results, providing further evidence to Ofsted on progress made.

The Cost

The 100 Mile Challenge programme can be funded from the PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools at just £1.40 per child, per academic year.

The cost of the programme includes a full resource pack for the school and for each child, including record cards, class wall planners, certificates, and stickers.

We also have Medals available to purchase at £1.40 each for those children achieving the 100 Mile Challenge


If you are interested in the programme and would like to discuss further, please complete the following: