Tennis is the perfect way to get active. Whether you fancy a hit in the park or a cardio-based workout, there is something to suit everyone.

Tennis or lawn tennis is a racquet sport. It enjoys a long and proud history. The game has evolved - it's now an Olympic Sport. The rules of the modern game are easy to learn. It's played between either two players (singles) or two teams of two players (doubles). Players use the racquet to this the ball over the net into the opponent's court.

Why is it good for me?

Tennis helps improve your speed, agility, balance and hand-eye coordination, whilst boosting your mental wellbeing by releasing happy endorphins and relieving stress. It is a really sociable sport as it allows you to connect with like-minded people on court.

How much does it cost?

You don’t have to be a member at a club to play tennis. You can hire courts on an hourly basis at local parks, communities and clubs from approximately £5-10.

There are thousands of coaches across the nation who offer individual or group sessions to suit players across all levels – the cost can vary depending on the venue and coach.

What equipment do I need?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or dusting off your racket, all you need is some comfortable clothes, trainers, a racket and balls! Some venues offer equipment hire, including softer balls for beginners.

Getting started

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), the national governing body have a section on their website call Get Started with Adult Tennis which details how and where you can play a range of different tennis types and formats. You can use Find a Court on their website.