Water Polo

If you’re looking for a sport which combines the teamwork and strategy of rugby and hockey as well as the toning benefits of swimming, then welcome to water polo!

Players use a ball weighing between 400g and 450g. They aim to score goals in a three metre wide, 90 centimetre high net that sits on top of the water.

Each team only has 30 seconds to score before the ball is passed to the opposition. As well as ball skills, players need stamina: you are not allowed to touch the bottom or the side of the pool during a match, which lasts for four periods of seven minutes each.

Why is it good for me?

Water Polo has a number of health benefits. Physically is great for full body toning, improving stamina, developing power, working the core, aiding weight loss as well as being easy on the joints. It also very social and all about problem solving which are both great for your mental wellbeing too.

How much does it cost?

Clubs may well run introductory sessions/programme for a discounted rate. If down the line you are hooked then joining your local clubs as a member is the way to do it.

What equipment do you need?

To start of with all you will need is swimwear as other equipment will be provided my the club.

Getting started

Getting into water polo is easy. Children can be introduced to the game during swimming lessons. For more on joining a water polo club go to our Find a Club page here.

You’re never too old to start playing water polo! Masters water polo is simply water polo for players aged 30 years and older. Most clubs welcome players over 30 years and older. Go to our clubs page here and get in contact and we can track down a club for you.