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Leadership Opportunities

In Cumbria, leadership opportunities start with children as young as Year Two. This begins a pathway of learning that continues through to the end of secondary school and can provide recognised qualifications. By giving our children and young people these opportunities, we help develop their confidence and build core skills.

The Sports Leaders Activity Volunteer Programme offers an accredited learning pathway for young people aged 13 and above with a focus on building transferable core skills, great for training young leaders to be able to support with delivery of events

The programme for Schools and Community/Youth Groups is fully funded by Active Cumbria and it comes ready made with all the resources to support delivery. .

Each of the programme’s five sessions targets one of five skills from SLQ Sports Leaders’ Skills Framework. Those five skills, which were identified by Youth Employment UK as being the most in-demand by employers, are Self-belief, Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork and Self-Management.

Activities that make up each session have been designed to be delivered with flexibility, enabling delivery through a face-to-face approach, a blended approach or learners can access fully through remote platforms. This makes the programme a great solution for continuing to engage with the volunteer workforce especially within the current challenging environment. As learners progress through the programme, they complete a series of tasks, recording their progress in their own personal Volunteer Profile, creating an evidence record that demonstrates their growing skills.

The overall aim of the programme is to provide learners with the confidence in their own abilities to put the skills learned into practice as effective volunteers in a variety of situations. In turn, this provides them with the platform to embark on their volunteering journey into further study, such as leadership or coaching qualifications, helping them identify opportunities to put their skills into practice.

There is no tutor orientation training required and the programme, along with all resources is ready made to roll out in your School.

For Young People

  • Helping them gain new or improve existing skills for future employability prospects.
  • Giving them training to support their immediate role as an Event Leader.
  • Recognised through certification.
  • Start of a journey with clear progression routes for future learning or employment opportunities.

For Your School or Community/Youth Group

  • FREE to enrol and deliver, no cost involved at all.
  • Bitesize learning for personal development for young people.
  • Flexible delivery options which can be adapted to meet the learners needs, can be delivered one to one or as part of group delivery.
  • Ability to set as home learning.
  • Wider reach as not just for the select few or obvious volunteer candidates.
  • No tutor orientation required, resources ready to pick up and deliver inclusive of six Powerpoint Presentations with tutor notes.  

Young Leaders in action at the Cumbria School Games

Activity Volunteer Programme Skills Framework

To get involved with the Activity Volunteer Programme, please contact Michelle Young ( to register for a licence for your organisation.