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Active Cumbria, the Sport and Physical Activity Partnership is one of 43 Active Partnerships in England and is hosted within Cumbria County Council’s Public Health Team.

Through strategic connectivity and partnerships, Active Cumbria has facilitated many measurable and positive outcomes contributing to an increase in participation in sport and physical activity. Our 3 Year Plan provides us with a framework which helps inform our decision making around effort and investment, and has been developed in partnership with our Advisory Board and wider sector partners to reflect the key challenges that sport and physical activity can contribute and support to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Active Cumbria is governed by an independent Advisory Board, made up of highly skilled individuals from a range of backgrounds. The Board operates under an agreed Terms of Reference, and provides strategic leadership to the organisation and to the Core Team of professionals, who provide the co-ordination and structures which allow individuals and organisations to work together more effectively.

The Advisory Board is committed to meeting the requirements of the Governments Code for Sports Governance, and regularly reviews all aspects of its operations to ensure it is meeting the requirements of a Tier 3 organisation.

One demonstrable way of evidencing our commitment to achieving the aims of the Code is through the make-up of the Advisory Board, which is currently consists of 36% female members, against a target of 30%. We shall seek to recruit members from BAME and disability backgrounds at each subsequent recruitment phase to ensure we move towards greater diversity, whilst still continuing to meet the gender parity targets already achieved. To support this, we will, as from 2018 publish an annual statement of progress on this issue on our website.

Further details of how we operate can be found on this section of our website.

Strategic Information

Governance Information


As part of Cumbria County Council, we have adopted the policies and procedures of our host organisation. These include, but are not limited to HR, Financial, Fraud, Health & Safety, Procurement, ICT, Data Protection, Whistle Blowing, and Officer Conduct. Bespoke policies are below: 

Insight & Research

Our Mission 

To advocate the value of physical activity, and increasing opportunities to address inactivity to improve county wide health and wellbeing outcomes

Our Vision

Everyone in Cumbria is appropriately physically active as part of their everyday life

Our Values  

  • Communicate in a clear and constructive way
  • Act with honesty and respect for others 
  • Demonstrate a positive flexible attitude
  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Be committed to ‘one Team

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