Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Active Cumbria is fully committed to continuing its transformative anti-racism, gender-inclusive, and disability-aware journey. We recognise the impact of systemic racism, gender-based discrimination, and ableism, and we are actively working to remove such barriers within our structures and practises. We firmly believe in the value of diversity and inclusion and strive to create an environment that respects and uplifts individuals of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, diverse gender identities, and disabilities. Our journey involves ongoing education and learning, increasing accessibility, and developing inclusive policies that ensure equal opportunities for all, as well as, challenging poor practice and behaviours when they appear.

We understand the importance of amplifying marginalised voices, promoting representation, and advocating for the right and dignity of all individuals, irrespective of their race, gender identity, or disability.

We actively support and collaborate with the wider physical activity network, recognising the importance of physical health and well-being, we strive to create partnerships and alliance with like-minded organisations to promote physical activity for all.

By fostering relationships with community organisations, sports clubs, leisure centres, and other partners, we will work towards our goal whereby everyone in Cumbria is enjoying an active lifestyle. This support extends to providing resources, sharing best practice, and advocating for inclusive programming that caters to diverse populations. We believe in the transformative power of physical activity and aim to contribute to a network that promotes the health and wellbeing of individuals from all communities.

What have we done in the past 12 months?

  • Advisory Board Champion recruited and Theme Lead Officer identified
  • Established an internal equality, diversity, and inclusion working group
  • Whole team completed the ‘Inclusive Behaviours Self-Assessment’ tool to provide a baseline
  • Two staff members enrolled on the 18-month Inclusive Influencers course
  • Whole team took part in gender intelligence training and completed the Insight Preference Evaluator
  • Whole staff team and Advisory Board received two developmental workshops on anti-racism from Anti-Racist Cumbria

This substantial amount of training has enabled us to gain a better understanding of ourselves, our colleagues, and the audiences that we support. Additionally, we have been able to address some of our collective areas for development that were recognised from the Inclusive Behaviours Self-Assessment. As a result, we are looking critically at our current practices, identifying ways to improve and make progress towards achieving our outcomes both internally and for the wider physical activity sector in Cumbria.

Key Audience - Disabled people

Key Audience - People who identify from the LGBTQ+ community

Key Audience - People from ethnically diverse backgrounds