50 Mile Challenge

The 50 Mile Challenge Programme has been developed by Active Cumbria in Partnership with New Balance as a programme for early years settings. It is a cost effective way to help early years settings support all children to meet the levels of physical activity recommended by government.

The challenge is simple, we encourage participating settings to get all children to complete and record 50 miles of physical activity during the academic year in half mile chunks.

Miles can be measured through walking, running, skipping, scooting or cycling and other means. Time taken for physical activity can also be converted into miles too! For example 20 minutes of activity = 1/2 mile. If you have children who wish to do more miles, that’s great, the more the merrier!

Our aim is for children and young people to feel more motivated, confident and able to get active – which will also increase the likelihood of being active later in life.

The 50 Mile Challenge is a programme designed to be fully inclusive and flexible. It’s also a great way to recognise and encourage activity at home and on the journey to and from nursery or school.

The Impact

By taking part in this programme you will be able to evidence that your setting is actively promoting the health and wellbeing of all pupils, especially useful when looking to align with the Cumbria Healthy Families Pledge Campaign. 

For more information about the pledge please visit: www.cumbria.gov.uk/publichealth/healthyfamiliescumbriapledge.asp

The Cost

The 50 Mile Challenge programme is just £1.40 per child, per academic year.

The cost of the programme includes a full resource pack for the school and for each child, including record cards, class wall chart, certificates, and stickers. 

We also have Medals available to purchase at £1.40 each for those children achieving the 50 Mile Challenge


If you are interested in the programme and would like to discuss further, please complete the following: