The workforce within the sport and physical activity sector is vast from coaches to officials, club volunteers, mentors, teachers, parents, managers and many more. The value of our sporting workforce is priceless.

Our aim is to support the development of our sporting workforce to ensure we have a strong and robust network of clubs, coaches and volunteers. 

In this section you will find information on:  


Sport England and UK Coaching aim to cultivate a community of coaches that inspire and motivate an active nation. It is a call to action for everyone in the coaching community in England to modernise how we think and talk about coaching – and a quest to find new ways to improve the quality of coaching for everybody.


Support to develop your club and the people within it.  Including where to look for funding.


Volunteers have always played a vital part in the sport and physical activity sector. Without them, most activity simply wouldn’t happen. Helping your volunteers to develop can keep them motivated and committed. It will also give the people running your club the skills they need to do it effectively.


There are lots of workshops and courses available to help you develop your coaching skills and knowledge, but it's not only the coaching workforce that needs training, we provide or link to a range of opportunities across Cumbria to accomodate the range of roles within the sporting workforce.  

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) ensures fair treatment and opportunity for all.  It aims to eradicate prejudice and discrimination on the basis of an individual or group of individual's protected characteristics. Find out more. 

Safeguarding: Guidance for coaches & leaders

It is essential that sports coaches and leaders adopt good practice when dealing with children and ensure that their safety is paramount. This will ensure that children can enjoy sport within a safe and secure environment where they feel protected and empowered to make the most suitable choices. Providing children with positive sporting experiences means that they will be more likely to achieve their true potential.