Rugby League

Rugby league is a full contact game, played by two teams of 13 players.

It is one of the two major codes of rugby football, the other being rugby union. Players on field are divided into forwards and backs. Each position has a designated number, 1 to 13. Numbers 14 to 17 are given to players starting on the bench, who will come into the game as substitutes for other players who are injured, in need of a rest, or less suited to the coach's strategy for that particular phase of the game.

Rugby league is played in more than 30 countries, though it is most commonly played in the United Kingdom (predominantly northern England) Australia and New Zealand.  

Fancy Taking up the Challenge and becoming a Match Official?

Are you a Rugby League Fan? Ever thought about taking up a new challenge? Why not become a Rugby League Match Official? Whether you are a player, ex player, coach, parent or spectator, this course offers an exciting opportunity to become a Match Official or to simply learn more about the Laws of the Game. The course looks at the interpretations of the laws through practical exercises and interactive classroom work and who knows where it could lead? With application and hard work you could officiate in Super League!

For more information contact Peter Wharton 07764 627103.

Wheelchair Rugby

Are you up for a challenge? Fancy a nail-biting, seat-gripping, full contact wheelchair sport?'ve come to the right place. Wheelchair rugby's not nicknamed 'murderball' for nothing you know!

It's open to men and women - whatever your age.  If you have upper and lower limb disabilities and a thirst for action, then maybe it's about time you gave wheelchair rugby a shot.

T: 020 8831 7645


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Alan Davidson 

Club & Competition Manager, RFL

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General Manager

West Cumbria RL Development Group

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