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Judo is an unarmed Olympic combat sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline. It was founded by Jigoro Kano in Japan in the 1880s and has grown in popularity to become one of the most popular individual sports across the globe. Judo translates into English as “the gentle way“.

Judo is the only martial art currently a part of the Paralympics. Visually Impaired or ‘VI’ Judo is a specially adapted form of judo for individuals with visual and other impairments.

Why is it good for me?

Judo is a fantastic way to:

1.  Get fit and build strength

2.  Increase flexibility and mobility

3.  Learn discipline and respect

4.  Learn a new skill

5.  Build new friendships

6.  Increase confidence and self-esteem

7.  Learn in a supportive environment

How much does it cost?

Costs vary between clubs, but they usually offer monthly or quarterly payment options which brings the cost down.

What equipment do I need?

It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing that you can move around and get a bit hot and sweaty in. Tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt are ideal but as long as clothing isn’t too restrictive, it doesn’t really matter.

Because Judo is a contact sport, for safety reasons you should also remove or secure any jewellery and tie your hair back if it is long.

After a few weeks you might want to buy a white training suit (gi) but this is not essential at first.


Two players (called judoka) compete against each other on an 8m x 8m matted area for up to 5 minutes with the player scoring the most points winning the contest.

Scores of varying degrees are awarded for throws, holds and more, with the coveted “ippon” score ending the contest. If the scores are level at the end of the 5 minute period the contest goes to ‘golden score’ with the first person to score any point winning the contest.

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Judo in your area

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