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Dancing Recall

Dancing Recall: Making Connections

Living with Dementia? Dance can help.

Dance can help people living with dementia lead more active, independent and fulfilled lives. Growing evidence from worldwide research shows that dance really can help people with dementia.

Dancing Recall’s NHS award-winning ‘Making Connections’ programme can help improve concentration and responsiveness as well as overall mobility, enabling people to express themselves more fully in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Our aim is to help those affected by dementia, and their carers, to lead more fulfilling and active lives.

'Community sessions take place in Carlisle at Heysham Gardens, CA2 7RN, Mondays, 2.00 - 3.30pm (fortnightly) and Keswick at Theatre by the Lake, CA12 5DJ, Fridays, 1.30 - 3.00pm (weekly). 

Join us for a 7 week programme or take a taster to see how you get on. No previous dance experience is necessary. 

£3.50 per single session or £21 for a 7 week course. Care givers can join in free of charge."

By 2021 over a million people in theUKwill be diagnosed with dementia. Daphne Cushnie, independent dance artist and leader of the Dancing Recall programme, reveals the positive impact delivering community dance has on people living with neurodegenerative conditions.

For more information contact:-

Daphne Cushnie 01539 822606

or Susie Tate 01434 345736 

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People with dementia who exercise improve their thinking abilities and everyday life, a body of medical research concludes.

Exercise - gentle walking, a moderate gym session or even dancing and a sing-song - can help people cope with the devastating impact of dementia, researchers believe. 

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