Basketball goes from strength to strength and is played in sports clubs, leisure centres and on courts across the country. It's fast, skilful and fun. It is popular with both sexes and most age groups.

Never played basketball? Teams of five active players each try to score points against one another by throwing a ball (shooting) through a 10 foot high basket. You can get the ball to the opponents end of the court by bouncing the ball forward (dribbling) or by passing the ball between team mates. Players have certain playing positions as well as offensive and defensive structures.

Get Involved

For fun...
So you like playing basketball but don’t want to join a club or play competitively?  There are indoor and outdoor facilities all over the country where you can simply round up a few of your friends, a ball and get underway! 

In education...
Playing while studying is a great way to get into a sport and find out if you enjoy playing it. There are a variety of really fun ways you can get involved at every level of education.

Through satellite clubs...
Satellite clubs are great. Proven fact. They are a fantastic way for young people to keep playing basketball outside of your studies, but when you might not be quite ready for the commitment of joining a club. They’re relaxed, informal, mostly free and put on by some of our specially trained coaches and clubs to help develop your basketball skills, whilst having fun meeting friends and even listening to music!

Join a club...
So you’re ready to join a club...there are over 800 clubs in the country so finding one close to you who can help you become the player you want and give you the best experience shouldn’t be too difficult. We have different types of club...some who specialise in helping beginner players to improve and some who are looking for players of a high ability to join their National League team.  It has never been easier to join a basketball club, whatever your goals are

Basketball in your area

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Dave Stott

Relationship & Co-ordination Manager

Basketball England