Archery is a sport for all

Archery is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It captures the imagination of over 34,000 Archery GB members and many more at 'have a go' events at activity centres, holiday parks, fairs, outdoor shows and tourist attractions across the UK.
There are many ways you can get involved and progress in the sport as an archer, leader, coach, judge or club volunteer.

It is a very sociable sport and provides the opportunity to join a club, shoot in a social setting and participate in friendly club and inter-club competitions (indoor in winter, outdoor in summer). Whatever your need, you will find that archery provides a balance between fun and fitness no matter what your ability.

There are two types of archery, target and field, both have the same aim (literally).

Most beginners start with target archery, which can be done indoors or outdoors. Here you’ll shoot a set number of arrows at targets which are set at distances from 10 to 90 metres.

Field archery is set up over woodland and rough terrain. Here you may have to shoot uphill or downhill at targets of difference sizes and distances, a real challenge both mentally and physically.

Why is it good for me? 

Archery helps to build strength and coordination, and is a great way to socialise and meet new people.

Archery in your area

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