Angling remains hugely popular across the country.

Fishing or “angling” is a great way to get active outdoors. Although you might think of fishing as a fairly slow-paced pastime, it has many proven health benefits and can be an active sport.

There’s a type of fishing that suits everybody – no matter what your age, ability or experience level – and a great angling community to help out at every step of your angling journey.

Angling embraces many types of experience. Whether it’s just for a quick hour at your local lake, canal or river or spending a whole day with friends and family by the sea – give fishing a go and join the millions of people who enjoy it each year.

Cumbria has a wealth of lakes, rivers and streams - and a varied coastline. There are endless opportunities to participate in this accessible and inexpensive activity. 

Why is it Good for Me 

  • Involves a whole range of low, medium and high intensity physical activity
  • Helps recovery from and prevention of mental health issues
  • Is brilliant for relaxation and aids concentration
  • Helps build up your relationships and confidence which can reduce isolation
  • Allows you to become more physically active at a pace that suits you, whatever your age
  • Can be incorporated with other activities such as walking or cycling to a fishing venue
  • Is a good way to spend time with family and enjoy an activity together

Getting Started 

You can choose whether to go coarse fishing, fly fishing or sea fishing. Each type of fishing requires different rods, tackle and techniques - most people start with one then try others later. Coarse fishing is quite relaxed while fly fishing on rivers can be very active.

The best way to get started is to join your local club, many of these run coaching sessions for beginners. Or there are plenty of fisheries where you can either fish for free or buy a day permit.

Angling in your area

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