Dignity in Dementia

Project Title: Dignity in Dementia – Table Tennis Club

Funding Received: (Phase 4: 1 April 22 - 31 March 23) £2,712

Project Outline: Following on from the success of their Dementia Friendly Walking groups supported by the Tackling Inequalities Fund in 2020, members of the group expressed an interest in developing a social table tennis club.

Several members referred to how they played Table Tennis when they were younger and really enjoyed it. There was a desire to rekindle that youthful spirit and have a go again as many felt this would be a fun and supportive activity.

The intention was to enable those with dementia and their family carers to experience short bursts of physical activity and friendly competition with others in an enjoyable setting. The purchase of a Polybat Table Tennis Set ensured that everyone regardless of their mobility could have a go. In addition, the group purchased a boccia set so that no-one had an excuse for standing still whilst waiting for a slot on the table!

The project has been hugely beneficial as individuals with dementia were greatly affected when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Many struggled to understand what was happening and became frustrated when their established routines suddenly changed.  Dignity in Dementia recognises how important it is to bring people together to offer support and acknowledge the benefit of physical activity to help their general well-being.

The sessions have proven to be popular with all, and the group even uncovered a couple of past local table tennis champions within their client group.