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Nomination Form

Cumbria Sport Awards 2022

Great news - you're in the right place to nominate your sporting heroes.

Please use the form below to submit your nomination.  The form is designed to capture as much relevant information about the nominee as possible. The Judging Panel will make a decision on each nominee from the information provided on the form, so it is vitally important that as much high quality information is provided as possible.

There are a few key principles with this, they are: -

  • Be specific – please give details of what your club, coach, volunteer or education provider have been doing for their community.
  • Be accurate – please only provide information you are 100% certain is accurate. 
  • Be succinct – only provide information on the relevant facts
  • We only need one nomination per person, please do not ask a large number of friends or family to nominate for the same person, we would much rather receive one high quality nomination as opposed to multiple poor nominations.

The nomination window closes on Friday 21 October 2022. 

Judging Panel 

This years judging panel is made up of: 



Richard Johnston (Chair)

James Phillips

Active Cumbria

BBC Radio Cumbria

Kelly Donnelly

Better / GLL


ITV Border

Judith Smale

Cumbria CVS

Emily Wood


Eddie Edge

Independent Member

Ian Meldrum

Independent Member