Equality & Diversity

Active Cumbria is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity and inclusion within our workforce, in the partnerships we support and in the services we deliver. We oppose all forms or unlawful and unfair discrimination including direct and indirect discrimination, harrassment, bullying and victimisation. 

The Partnership aims to break down the barriers to make sport accessible to all ensuring that everyone in Cumbria has more opportunites to participate in sport and enjoy physical activity as an integral part of everyday life, irresepective of age, disability, gender reassignment, marrige and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belif, sex and sexual orientation. 

Equality Standard for Sport

Active Cumbria has achieved and is committed to maintaining the Foundation Level The Equality Standard which is a framework and vehicle for widening access and increasing the participation and involvement in sport and physical activity from under represented individuals, groups and communities.


We are committed to promoting good equitable practice within our own organisation and to our stakeholders and partners within the sport and physical activity sector in Cumbria. 


We regularly update this list of frequently asked questions in response to your questions about Sport Equity related Developments in Cumbria. It will save you time if you check to see if your query is answered before contacting us.

English Federation of Disability Sport is the national body for disabled people in sport and physical activity throughout England.

Women in Sport - Transforming sport for the benefit of every woman and girl in the UK

Sporting Equals exists to actively promote greater involvement by all communities that are disengaged especially the black and minority ethnic population in sport and physical activity.