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COVID/Restart Guidance and Resources

The national Walking for Health team have created new guidance and resources in response to the COVID pandemic to assist groups/leaders re-start walks if they feel in a position to do so. See below:

Walking for Health Forms

Resources from Walking for Health that we think will be beneficial to you are:

  • Risk assessment templates
  • Walker Health survey (if they do not have means to receive electronically)
  • Accident form template
  • Incident form template
  • Easy read walker registration form

All can be found at the Walking for Health website. Here is the direct link to the lead a walk section. You will need to be logged in to have access.

Please also have a look at the Walking for Health website in general as there will be other pieces of information that you may find of interest.

Cumbria Scheme Specific Forms

In addition there are a couple of forms that we have had to adapt for the Cumbria Scheme, we will need you to use the following: 

Social Media

The following can be used for setting up a facebook group or Twitter account. If you do set up a group or account, please advise Aileen Grant of the details. 

Facebook Covers 

Twitter Covers 


These posters have been developed for you to use in the promotion of your walk: 

Poster option 1 - single walk - child image

Poster option 2 - single walk - dog image

Poster option 3 - single walk - group image

Poster option 4 - single walk - buggies image

Poster option  - multiple walks 



The photographs in the link below are provided for the purpose of advertising Walking for Health only and should not be used for any other purpose. 

Using Your Own Posters

We are aware organisations may have their own branding and own poster templates and the above may not meet requirements for your organisations brand guidelines, if you wish to use your own, we ask that you do still give accreditation to Active Cumbria, Cumbria County Council and Walking for Health, please contact Joanna Coleman, Marketing & Communications Officer to discuss your requirements and to ensure brand guidelines are adhered to. 

01228 226885

All of the resources are also here in a Google Drive if you prefer them this way.

Scheme resources on the Walking for Health website, you'll need to be logged in to access this. 

Scheme Co-ordinator:

Aileen Grant

Active Cumbria

Tel: 07825 823443


Events Calendars 

To help you with ideas of where you can advertise your groups, we have pulled together a list of events calendars and other resources you can use, this can be found here as a word document.