Canoeing’s diversity means that it can be as relaxed or adrenaline fuelled as you want it to be. Go Canoeing provides opportunities for newcomers to get to know the sport and for existing paddlers to come together to experience all the wonderful ways everyone can enjoy being out on the water

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U Canoe is British Canoeing’s offer to young people aiming to give a sense of adventure, a chance to socialise with mates and get out and get inspired to canoe for life!

U Canoe aims to plug the gap in current provision, encourage new participants and stop the ‘leak’ out of the sport. The programme offers two different ways to achieve this, U Canoe Wired (indoors) and U Canoe Unleashed (on the water), both of which are described more here.


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Phil Scowcroft 

Area Development Officer (Central and North)

Britiah Canoeing