About Us

Active Cumbria, the Sport and Physical Activity Partnership is one of 44 County Sports Partnerships (CSP’s) in England and is part of Cumbria County Council’s Health & Wellbeing Service.

The foundations of the organisation were laid in 1999 when the local authorities in Cumbria came together to collaborate and secure funding to deliver Sport England’s Active Sport Programme. Active Cumbria has since established a successful inclusive sports delivery system through a vibrant network of providers and deliverers committed to working together to achieve active and healthy communities in Cumbria through sport and physical activity.

Through strategic connectivity and partnerships, Active Cumbria has facilitated many measurable and positive outcomes contributing to an increase in participation in sport and physical activity. Our Strategy provides us with a framework which helps inform our decision making around effort and investment, and has been developed in partnership with our Steering Group and wider sector partners to reflect the key challenges facing the sport and physical activity sector across the county.

Active Cumbria is governed by a strong strategic Steering Group, made up of high level influential opinion formers representing sport, education, health, voluntary and local government sectors. The Group has recently been restructured to include a number of independent representatives, who bring a fresh perspective to our work. The principle aim of the Steering Group is to: ‘promote Active Cumbria as a strategic, dynamic, flexible and progressive body, capable of supporting and influencing partners to improve the quality of life for people of all ages within Cumbria through sport and physical activity.’ The Steering Group is supported by a Core Team of professionals who provide leadership, co-ordination and structures which allow people and organisations to work together more effectively.

The Active Cumbria Steering Group and the Core Team have maintained a high level of governance and financial accountability whilst continually appraising their performance in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

Early in 2015 the Core Team undertook a ‘Quest Sports Development Plus’ external verification process, which involved a two-day assessment of all aspects of the operation of the organisation. The findings of this assessment were that Active Cumbria is regarded as being a ‘Good’ organisation, and we are working hard to be an ‘Excellent’ one when we are re-assessed in two years-time.

Active Cumbria is extensively commissioned and contracted by Sport England to deliver a range of specific programmes and services and Active Cumbria commissions other organisations and partners to deliver on its behalf where they are appropriately placed to do so.

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Our mission 'To work with all partners to achieve healthy and active communities in Cumbria through sport and physical activity.'

Our vision ‘Everyone in Cumbria has more opportunities to participate in sport and enjoy physical activity as an integral part of everyday life.’

Our services

  • Leadership, innovation and promotion
  • Strategic planning and co-ordination
  • Partnership development and connectivity
  • Capacity building and generating investment
  • Promotion of excellence and continuous improvement
  • Advocacy and influencing
  • Research and development
  • Event management and programme delivery
  • Safeguarding and equality

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