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Cumbria Workforce Development Framework & Delivery Principles 2018-21

The Cumbria Workforce Development Framework and Delivery Principles have been developed in response to a culmination of significant directional change in strategy from Government and Sport England.

The Workforce Development Framework focusses on two fundamental priority areas to meet the complex, diverse and evolving needs of Cumbria’s population. These are:

• Partnerships - championing strong and effective partnerships

• People - developing people to support delivery of physical activity across our communities.

This is an inclusive framework to incorporate and support the work of any organisation or group that supports people’s ability to participate in physical activity at any level and ultimately lead healthy and active lives.

The delivery principles are split into Workforce, Activity & Organisation, centred around the acronym PEOPLE.

Please take a look at the following document:

Our pledge to you:

 Having an appropriately skilled Workforce underpins Active Cumbria’s vision to ensure everyone in Cumbria is appropriately physically active as part of their everyday life. It forms one of our four major outcomes for Communities - alongside increasing activity, increasing investment and raising the importance and profile of how physical activity can have a positive impact on health and well-being outcomes. To achieve this we pledge to support the development of the physical activity workforce by:

  • Driving and supporting the implementation of the Workforce Development Framework & Delivery Principles
  • Providing and supporting opportunities for organisations to collaborate to develop the workforce and increase delivery activity
  • Sharing national, regional and local good practice. Gathering relevant insight to support workforce development and delivery
  • Provide a development pathway, which includes a range of needs led skills development and deployment opportunities for those working with under-represented groups
  • Committing to reach our wider communities to ensure we diversify our delivery workforce

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We commit to contacting you to establish any required support and explore collaborative development opportunities for the future.

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We gratefully acknowledge UK Coaching and those that have contributed to the delopment of the framework and principles.