Daymon Johnstone

Daymon is a volunteer and a Sport Maker from Workington, Cumbria

Since the Sport Makers workshop at Workington Cricket Club in March 2012, I have done over 200 hour’s voluntary work as a Sport Maker. I have helped with various squash competitions including the county championships in Carlisle. I have looked at sports as a chance to help me with my own fitness and health as when I was a child I had a kidney transplant and since I have not looked back. I have however like any other sportsmen and women had my injury setbacks and each time I have looked forward rather then looked back.

In September 2012 I was handed full control of my local Junior Squash club who I have played for since 2005. Since then I have regenerated the control giving the young adults aged 16+ a chance to help with the running of the club. This includes going to county squash meetings, handling money and keeping a record of members. This helps them with everyday life skills.We have an annual competition which myself and our only level 2 coach both organise and run together.

Looking to the future I aim to get my level 2 and 3 coaching badges so that I can become a county and national coach. This year Cumbria squash are setting a campaign to make squash one of the new sports chosen for the 2016 Rio Olympics. I will be looking to help with this as well as looking to build my fitness up and get back into the Great Britain Squad for the World Transplant Games in South America 2015,

Although have not done much Boccia as a sports maker I am looking at doing my coaching qualifications as well as my Officiating qualifications. Boccia is a sport I am passionate for as I love to help disabled people get into sport. 2013 is the year I look to make more contribution to Boccia as well as making the time for my squash commitments. I would also like to think that as I take this adventure on I could encourage and inspire many people to take part in sport if not my chosen sports, then one of their own.

The reason I joined Sport Makers was to help the community that has helped me so much in the past when I have needed it. E.g Fundraising for Thailand and Fund raising for my Dialysis machine when I was 2.

Daymon Johnstome