Accessible Clubs

A new report by the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) based on APS7 data has revealed that disabled people are still experiencing a number of barriers which prevent their full participation in physical activity.

  • There is a clear untapped demand for sport and physical activity, with 70 per cent of those surveyed saying they want to do more.
  • 64 per cent of disabled people surveyed would prefer to take part in sport and physical activity with a mix of disabled and non-disabled people, however only 51 per cent currently do. Therefore, the research highlights a clear mismatch between preference and availability.
  • Over half of disabled people surveyed (51 per cent) are not enjoying their experiences of sport in school, compared to 69 per cent enjoying taking part in sport or physical activity with friends outside of school.
  • Over 60 per cent of those surveyed claimed that either a lack of awareness of opportunities or a lack of available opportunities is what prevents them from taking part in sport and physical activity.

A new guide has been developed to help your club improve its accessiblity to disabled people.

EFDS has developed a new guide to improve access for disabled people in sports clubs. "Access for All: Opening Doors" aims to break down one of the main barriers for people with a range of impairments-venue accessibility. EFDS and access experts Jean Hewitt Consulting Ltd hope the user friendly guide ensures more disabled people can enjoy being active in more places.

In Cumbria

101,721 people are classed as being disabled in Cumbria (Limited a little or a lot by there illness of disability Census 2011) representing 20% of the total population. This is 2% higher than the national average of 18% of the population. Cumbria has fewer disabled people taking part in sport than the national (18.3%) and regional figures (17%) at only 13.8% doing 1x30 mins per week (APS6) there is a huge potential market for participation in the county. Find out more about the participation of disabled people in sport in Cumbria on the factsheet below.

Jamie Blair, Disability Officer for England Golf said:

“England Golf is excited about the launch of EFDS’s Access Guide. As part of England Golf’s commitment to increasing the number of disabled people participating in golf, the guide will be a key part in our plan to create accessible hub clubs within each county. Through our regional network of County Golf Partnerships, the guide will be used in the future plans of our GolfMark clubs. We will work closely with our Club Services team to ensure it will become an integral resource when advising clubs on facility change and future business planning.”

Visit the English Federation of Disability Sport website for more research and information on disabled people in sport and physical activity.