Angling remains hugely popular across the country.

Angling can be exciting and competition at the highest levels is fierce. It can also be very relaxing - often fishing sites are in tranquil settings, so its ideal if you're looking to unwind and lower your blood pressure. It's a perfect sport for people of all ages.

Cumbria has a wealth of lakes, rivers and streams - and a varied coastline. There are endless opportunities to participate in this accessible and inexpensive activity. 

Getting Started

You can choose whether to go coarse fishing, fly fishing or sea fishing. Each type of fishing requires different rods, tackle and techniques - most people start with one then try others later. Coarse fishing is quite relaxed while fly fishing on rivers can be very active.

The best way to get started is to join your local club, many of these run coaching sessions for beginners. Or there are plenty of fisheries where you can either fish for free or buy a day permit.

Angling in your area

There are 13 opportunities listed on the Activity Finder. To view local opportunities please select your local area.


Daniel Williams
Angling Development Officer

Angling Trust

T: 07854 240 368


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