Partners Gather At Place Expansion System Leadership Course

June 7, 2024

On Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 June over 30 partners came together at the Place Expansion – Local Government Association/Sport England Leadership 2 Day Course on System Leadership at Whitehaven Golf Club.

Partners working across Maryport, Workington and Whitehaven gathered to look at systems leadership, new approaches to tackling inequality/inactivity and to support the collective leadership in place moving forward.

The enthusiasm and passion to do more for our local communities selected for the Place Expansion work was clear to see.

The course was facilitated excellently by colleagues from across the LGA network – Karen Creavin and Claire Tomkinson who have both been involved in Local Delivery Pilots in Birmingham and Greater Manchester, respectively. The conversations and networking throughout demonstrated the adaptation in thought process, specifically how this work isn’t about short-term delivery but making long term sustained systemic change.

Thank you to everyone that came along and the organisations that are proactively supporting this work moving forward.

Sport England plan to invest in around 80 – 100 places across England over the course of the next 5 years as part of their Place Partnership Expansion Programme. Around £250m of National Lottery funding is being invested in this programme over the course of the next 5 years. As part of this, three areas of Cumberland have been selected within the first phase of the roll out of this programme. All three are at Medium Super Output Area (MSOA) level and are: -

  • Flimby, Ellenborough and Broughton Moor (Maryport)
  • Workington West (Workington)
  • Mirehouse, Kells and Woodhouse (Whitehaven)

The next steps are to convene partners within the three separate areas to look in more detail at the shared purpose and the priorities for each area moving forward, these are scheduled for early July. We will also be delivering further leadership courses as part of this work, with one pencilled in for later in 2024.

To find out more information on the course or understand how your organisation can get involved in the Place Expansion work, email Active Cumbria Development Officer Cameron -

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