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Our 5 Year Plan

February 3, 2028

We at Active Cumbria are passionate about our mission of 'improving lives through physical activity'.  We know that when people move more, they benefit from improved physical and mental wellbeing, they reduce their likelihood of ill health, and they feel better.  We also know that being active actives brings people together and helps create a real sense of collective wellbeing in our communities.

However, we know that some people aren't active enough, this can be due to many reasons including their age, gender, background, health, financial status, or postcode, and that this situation has only worsened during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We want to challenge these inequalities and achieve our vision whereby 'everyone in Cumbria is enjoying an active lifestyle'. 

Follow the link below to our 5-Year plan which sets out our plans through to 2026.