National Week of Play

June 15, 2023

The National Week of Play is on its way providing the perfect opportunity to connect as a family through movement and active play. Running from 19 June to 25 June, the Early Years Alliance are encouraging us to build positive connections and break down barriers as this year’s National Week of Play focuses upon creating connections through play.

In support of the campaign Active Cumbria are encouraging you to get involved and connect with your child through active play, move that little bit more together and boost physical activity.

Play is a great way to support our early years children to be more physically active and build a positive lifelong relationship with movement. Children learn more physical skills during their first five years than at any other time of their lives, and therefore the more opportunities we give them to move, the more we help them to finesse those skills.

But why active play? … not only is this vital for a child’s physical development helping them to develop their balance, coordination, and wider movement skills but also their confidence, creativity, communication, and social skills. It also helps them sleep better!

Try running around a local park or garden, throwing, and catching bean bags, jumping in puddles, kicking balls, walking, or riding a bike, these are all ways in which we can connect with our children through active play.

So, whether you have a squiggly squirmer, a twitchy toddler, or a playful pre-schooler now’s the time to get them moving and help them on their journey to be healthy, to learn, and be active for life.

Active Start is our early years programme supporting children to be healthy, to learn and to be active for life. For more ideas and activities to support active play why not check out some of our Active Start resources:

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