MEND Healthy living programme kick starts the New Year for families in Carlisle

To kick start a fitter, healthier and happier 2011, children in Carlisle can sign up for a free, fun healthy lifestyle club that starts in January.  

Families who attend MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...Do it!) will learn how to eat more healthily, read food labels and make their weekly shop healthier and easier. The children also take part in fun physical activity sessions. MEND's 10-week healthy living course will take place at William Howard School and Richard Rose Central Academy, and is due to start on Monday 24th January.  

Kate Hansbury, MEND's Programme Manager for Carlisle & North Cumbria School Sports Partnership,says: "Attending MEND is a great way to kick start a fitter, healthier and happier year for the whole family. MEND makes a real difference to children's lives. Through encouraging them to be more active and choose healthier options - kids lose weight and their confidence increases. It's a fun, free way for families to improve their health and fitness. I would recommend it to any parent in Carlisle who is concerned about their child's weight and would like them to have a healthier start to 2011."

As a way to tackle childhood obesity locally (The Carlisle & North Cumbria School Sport Partnership) is providing MEND free of charge to families in Carlisle. 

MEND has helped over 20,000 families become fitter, healthier and happier and is aimed at children aged seven to 13 who are above a healthy weight. It consists of two hourly after-school sessions twice a week for ten weeks.  Each session includes a one hour interactive workshop for children and parents, and a one hour fun physical activity session for the kids while the parents have a discussion around health.  

If you think your child is above a healthy weight and you would like to register for a place on MEND's fun free healthy lifestyle course, call 0800 230 0263 or visit