This Girl Can in Workington

September 27, 2018

Dr Juliet McGrattan headlined at the Oval Centre, Workington as Cumbrian Girls Can celebrated National Fitness Day. The Get Together was a fun, active and inspirational evening to bring women together in the town. The gathering of women from all walks of life got moving with Together We Community Interest Company who lead a Moky style session, with a difference – it was seated. Heart rates were raised, and muscles from top to toe were worked out from sitting in a chair. This activity is shaped by Together We for participants from care homes, to schools and workplaces and can be done by individuals at work or in front of the TV.

Author of “Sorted. The Active Woman’s Guide to Health” and blogger Dr Juliet McGrattan – then gave the group insight into how powerful being active is on the body and health. The session focused on the benefit of generally moving around more during the day, as well as achieving the 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. How it has a protective impact from all kinds of diseases and health issues from cancer, to diabetes and fractures. How it has a positive impact on lives today, but also helps to prevent or reduce the impact of things that might affect us later.  Juliet also enthused about the impact getting more active has had on her life, and reminded us how difficult starting can be, but how powerful other women are in encouraging and motivating women to be active. She left the group thinking about what they want to achieve, and with tips as to how to start, so it is built into everyday living.

Cumbrian Girls Can is a local partnership to amplify the This Girl Can campaign locally. This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England and funded by the National Lottery as a celebration of active women taking part in sports-based activities.

Katie Harper from Cumbrian Girls Can said

“It was fantastic to have such a diverse group of women together in Workington. Cumbrian Girls Can is about women inspiring, supporting and encouraging other women, and focusing on the enjoyment and benefits being active can bring to women and all those around us. We are seeking to build the community, a movement and a culture of doing this.  This event has been organised with thanks to funding from Sellafield Ltd, through Cumbria Community Foundation and the support of partners and engaged participants. We will have further follow up events in the area so do follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out more and get involved."