Free Wheeling Family Fun With Travel Actively Barrow

June 10, 2024

On Sunday 2 June, four families donned their helmets and prepared their bikes, to complete an epic ride to Roa Island and back, along the Westfield Trail.

This free family ride, with Stage 1 Cycles as our guides, and Siona from Travel Actively Barrow in support, saw members as young as five years old, take on the journey, with fun challenges along the way. One youngster, who was unable to ride a bike when she first attended the Travel Actively Barrow Easter confidence sessions, completed the full nine miles, with her parents supporting her all the way, not just on this ride, but leading up to it, taking her out to build her confidence and stamina. An amazing achievement!

Another family who attended, had been able to receive support from the project prior to the day, acquiring repurposed bikes and support to fix their children’s bikes, with the help of our weekly Barrow Market repair workshop. Thanks to our volunteer workforce, and vital finding from the Department of Transport, we are able to support people to get back on their bikes, or indeed to learn how to ride or rebuild their confidence, so they can access cycling as a form of active travel.

Our summer programme of bike confidence sessions and guided rides is about to be launched. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to receive information and opportunities about the Travel Actively Barrow project. Alternatively, express an interest via this link, and we will get back to you with news of events and courses.

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