Find out what #MovingCan do for you

December 11, 2018

Every day in January we’ll promote a different benefit of physical activity.  That’s 31 of them!

 "For if physical activity was a pill , every doctor in the land would prescribe it every day."

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Campaign calender
Jan 1st Help you maintain a Healthy Weight Cumbria Healthy Weight Declaration NHS Healthy Weight Top Tips to Move More
Jan 2nd Reduce risk of stroke by 25% Stroke Association - Exercise & Stroke Being Active after a Stroke
Jan 3rd Lower Blood Pressure BP UK - Helping lower blood pressure
Jan 4th Keep bones healthy NHS UK - Exercises for strong bones
Jan 5th Prevent Diabetes - Diabetes & Exercise
Jan 6th Lower Cholesterol NHS UK - Cholesterol control Being Active with Heart Disease
Jan 7th Improve back pain NHS UK - Lower back pain exercises
Jan 8th Reduce depression NHS UK - Exercise for depression MIND - Physical Activity, Sport & Exercise
Jan 9th Lower anxiety Anxiety UK - Physical exercise & anxiety
Jan 10th Manage stress NHS UK - Reduce stress
Jan 11th Prevent falls NHS UK - Chair based pilates video
Jan 12th Manage arthritis NHS UK - Arthritis video Being Active with Arthritis
Jan 13th Improve sleep NHS UK - Beat insomnia
Jan 14th Increase energy NHS UK - Fight Fatigue
Jan 15th Make new friends Walking for Health - Video
Jan 16th Increase life expectancy Active Cumbria - Find an Activity
Jan 17th Improve immunity Research - how to improve your immunity
Jan 18th Manage asthma Asthma UK - Exercise & activities
Jan 19th Improve pregnancy health NHS UK - Pregnancy & exercise
Jan 20th Slow the ageing process NHS UK - Exercise as you get older
Jan 21st Reduce cancer risk Macmillan - Keeping active Being Active with Cancer
Jan 22nd Enhance brain functioning Research - Exercise & the brain
Jan 23rd Reduce risk of dementia Alzheimers UK - Exercise
Jan 24th Improve sex life & relationships NHS UK - Benefits of exercise
Jan 25th Maintain independence Age UK - Health, wellbeing & fitness
Jan 26th Increase confidence Mind - how to increase self esteem
Jan 27th Reduce cravings Smokefree - Fight cravings with exercise
Jan 28th Increase flexibility NHS UK - How to improve strength & flexibility
Jan 29th Improve school attainment Active Cumbria - 100 Mile Challenge
Jan 30th Reduce sick days off work NICE Guidance - Physical Activity at work
Jan 31st Put the fun back into life! 13 ways to make exercise fun!