Coaching Week - Great Coaching leads to healthier, happier communities

May 16, 2019

"Great coaching makes me feel excited, inspired and glad I came along. My coach is with me every step of the way. Conversations are motivating, and feedback is helpful. I’m praised for the efforts I make in an environment where I thrive and flourish."

During the 3-9th June we will be sharing stories of local coaches that are inspiring people across the County to be active. 

These coaches all work to the principles of Great Coaching and have pledged to adopt the Cumbria Workforce Development Framework and Delivery Principles.

What is Great Coaching?

The PEOPLE acronym spells out the answer – it is people that change people – and to leverage the full potential of participants, coaching should first and foremost be person-centred. The benefits of coaching go far beyond helping people become better athletes. Coaching positively and profoundly impacts on all aspects of people’s lives.

To help define what great coaching may look like, UK Coaching has devised its six key principles of great coaching. We have adopted these in the Cumbria Workforce Development Framework & Delivery Principles 2018-21 but have gone further and created principles for both the Workforce and the Activity they do, this is centred around the acronym PEOPLE. – because coaching is all about people – these principles are:

P – Person centred
E – Empowering
O – Organised
P – Positive
L – Learning
E – Engaging