How Barrow is making Boxing inclusive

October 15, 2021

Aim: Introducing boxing to children & adults with learning/ physical disabilities in Barrow

Box-abilty started last month, taking place at both Barrow Amateur Boxing Club and Walney Community Centre which is the home of Youthability. Participant feedback has been excellent, everyone is having lots of fun and learning about the sport of boxing.

Youthability are working alongside Jeff and the team from Barrow ABC to train up their staff and volunteers to deliver the sessions weekly as part of their current programme.

We have secured £1500 funding from Cumbria County Council for this project, this is being used to purchase all the equipment needed including some bespoke equipment for individuals.

Stitch-ability have also been hard at work creating t-shirts, kit and equipment for the project, a great team effort! 

'Youthability Youth services and it’s partners are always look at new ways that we can engage young people who maybe socially isolated.

Our new project in partnership with Jeff Moses and the ABC boxing club received a sure knockout reaction from both our young people and parents.

It was great seeing so many young people of all ages and abilities come together in such a positive and beneficial way.

The smiles on their faces from beginning to end assured us that this project was going to be a success.

I would like to thank the volunteers at the boxing club for being so accommodating and adaptive to the needs of the young people.

The knock on effects of such a project like this can help the young peoples mental and physical health.

We are looking forward where this project leads us and possible a future Paralympian'

- Les McCleese, Youthability Youth Services