Barrow History Walk Takes Participants Back In Time

A group of mixed adults standing in a park on a sunny day

July 2, 2024

Susan Benson, Cumbria Archivist at Barrow library, guided a number of walkers to a ‘Walk around Hindpool’ history tour, exploring iconic buildings, such as the library, Nan Tait, Salvation Army and St James Church, to name a few.  

Susan’s knowledge of this area, and its history, including events during the Barrow Blitz, left many of the participants armed with new knowledge and reinforced memories. The group consisted of mainly older adults, who had been attending regular walks and fitness sessions over the winter months, and felt ready to take on a new challenge, and a longer walk.  

One participant commented “I thought I knew everything about Barrow’s history, but I learned some new things today I had never heard before, and the information about the Scotch buildings and Calcutta Jute Company Mill was particularly poignant.” 

Another participant was surprised to hear that the Emlyn Hughes Building was a public baths and washhouse, containing also a bowling alley, gymnasium and ice rink in the winter, before it became the Ritz Cinema in 1936.  

The group gave Susan a round of applause at the end of the guided tour, and went on to talk further about their experience, in the local pub and coffee shop! Recollection of events led to long discussions, and even debates, with many of the group later commenting that they brought up memories which had been long forgotten, and discovered they had similar stories of even associations with other members of the group.

Susan Benson will be leading another walk on Monday 5 August 24, this time focusing on the Dock Museum, with a moderate walk along the promenade, and an option of extending the walk for those wanting an additional challenge. Registration will be via Eventbrite and publicised on the Travel Actively Barrow social media page. However, if you want to express an early interest contact