Active Travel News

March 17, 2023

Bikeability training is continuing across all districts of Cumbria, with over 5000 training sessions delivered in 2022-23 to date.

The Active Travel team have also offered Family training in Kendal, Carlisle, and Barrow with Cyclewise working with some home-schooling families for the first time to offer Family training to them in their local area.

We are delighted that a new development for this contract year is the introduction of Bikeability training in SEND specific schools. This has never been offered previously and the Active Travel team are keen to make the provision more inclusive to all. With this in mind  training is already booked at two schools before the end of the contract year in March 2023. Cumbria Academy for Autism and Sandside Lodge School will initially participate in Level 1 training with the option to advance in future. These schools are being seen as a pilot learning opportunity for Cyclewise and our Active Travel team, with the aim of reviewing how the training is received and to adapt as necessary in order to provide as enriching an offer as possible for the students. Top up funding to support these sessions has been applied for and confirmed.

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