Active Start Annual Report Released

November 17, 2023

“Finding new fun ways to engage children in physical activity and growing understanding of why physical activities are so important in this day and age.”

“I have more ideas of how to incorporate movement into areas of learning which I wouldn’t usually, such as story time/ reading books.”

These are the views from a selection of our participants as we mark 2 years of delivering the Active Start programme across Cumbria. Our latest Annual Report looks back over our progress to date and celebrates our achievements.

The Active Start programme has now supported over 291 early years professionals and teachers across 170 schools and early years settings. Bringing the curriculum to life through movement, the programme has sought to inspire, motivate, and boost the confidence of those working with children within the early years and key stage 1.

With 90% of our attendees reporting that their inspiration and motivation to improve children’s physical activity and play had increased, this demonstrates the impact.

In addition, when asked about the impact on the children, 95% stated that the children’s enjoyment and attitudes towards physical activity had increased through the programme.

With the development of new resources aimed at the Under 2’s, plans for Outdoor Learning, and a continued expansion through our fellow Active Partnerships, the conversations around movement in the early years continues.

To find out more about the Active Start Programme in Cumbria and read our Annual Report for 2022-2023.