Active Cumbria Stakeholder Survey 2023-24

July 2, 2024

Every year, Active Cumbria seeks the opinions of partners we work with to see how they view the services we provide, and the relationships we build. We use the feedback we receive to help shape how we do things moving forward. For us, this is a vital piece of research that really helps us in our continuous improvement journey.

This year, the survey was completed by around 60 individuals from a wide range of partners, these included multiple local government departments, health, social care, housing, as well as many voluntary sector partners.

Richard Johnston, Senior Manager (Operations) said. ‘not only were the results of this year’s survey particularly pleasing, but also the breadth of responding organisations, many of which were relatively new to working with Active Cumbria, and for whom physical activity is not there main purpose or function. To hear how many organisations increasingly value the role that physical activity can play in supporting the wellbeing of their members or customers, and how Active Cumbria have helped provides us all with a great sense of pride. We look forward to continuing to improve how we do things and work in partnership to improve lives through physical activity across Cumbria.’

An infographic displaying data from the Partner Survey 2024An infographic displaying data from the Partner Survey 2024