Why should businesses sign up?

Why should businesses sign up to Active Workplace?

Active Workplace has been created to raise awareness to the health risks of a sedentary workforce and the benefits of an active one.

Did you know

  • Each year 140 million working days are lost to sickness absence in the UKcosting UK businesses an estimated £29billion.
  • Presenteeism’ – attending work while sick – is valued at an average cost to employers of £605 per employee per year, due to reduced productivity. (BHF).
  • Much of our lives are spent in the workplace so it is the perfect place to encourage people to be healthier! 
  • Human beings were designed to be active, 
  • Physical Inactivity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity whilst also having an impact upon our Mental Health. 
  • Unfortunately for many of us an average working day consists of sitting behind a desk. 
  • 87% of people feel they are more productive at work if they take time out to exercise and eat healthily (BHF 2013) 
  • a healthier workplace also directly benefits employers due to reduced sickness costs and increased productivity

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