How can Orienteering improve the quality of your PE Curriculum?

It is an adventure activity which is cheap to set up and run and has an element in the National Curriculum for PE, Geography and Mathematics.

British Orienteering offer to support Physical Education in Primary Schools is:
Provide appropriate training to teachers to deliver orienteering activities. Provide links to clubs to create maps of school sites. Provide online resources to support the delivery of school based activities. Provide links to community orienteering activities for young people. Provide support and advice from British Orienteering central office staff.

British Orienteering provides two training programmes for Teachers. These are Teaching Orienteering Parts 1 and 2. British Orienteering has three UKCC endorsed coaching awards (Levels 1,2,3). Find out more on the British Orienteering website

Teaching aids and resources can be found on the British Orienteering website. British Orienteering central office can provide contact details for equipment suppliers. Competition Orienteering is part of the School Games and agreed formats can be found on the School Games website. British Schools and British Schools Score events happen annually.

Exit Routes
Xplorer activities aimed at families and young children in various locations in the North and East Midlands. Club Nights are set up around the country and are a great environment for those new to the sport. A network of community clubs affiliated to British Orienteering. 44 of these clubs are Clubmark Clubs and are welcoming to juniors.

Direct Support
Teaching Training: British Orienteering will link interested schools to local tutors. Links to clubs to provide mapping. British Orienteering staff: Central Office staff can provide advice and support to schools on how to deliver an orienteering offer and local orienteering opportunities in the schools area. Free online affiliation. Quarterly email newsletter: Information about upcoming events; links to Community activity and further resources.

Local Offer:

Local Orienteering clubs run Events and Club nights which are great opportunities to participate further.


Craig Anthony

Head of Development

British Orienteering

M:07342 882530

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