How can Judo improve the quality of your PE Curriculum?

This Olympic sport can develop a pupil's physical literacy through a variety of fun based movement activities, whilst instilling respect and discipline.

British Judo offer to support Physical Education in Primary Schools is:
Link the primary schools to the network of community clubs. Link primary schools to a high quality network of coaches.  Support intra and inter school competition development through the School Games. Curricular and extra-curricular setup support.

Teachers Award currently under development

Schools 2 Dojo - connection to local clubs, promotional resources to help the development of the sport in the school. monSTARS is the resource that helps reward the progress of pupils and track their development in the sport. This consists of an Achievement Book, Class Achievement posters and stickers that are used to reward pupils for progress. Certificates are then awarded for achievements from Level 1-5. The grading scheme - Each pupil is given a training diary to help track their progress and educate them on healthy living, cultural aspects of the sport and the values of the sport, promoting social and moral development

Level 1 and Level 2 competition opportunities through the School Games.

Exit Routes
Schools 2 Dojo is a strong school clubs link that provides the mechanism to support clear communication between the school and club. Clear links to a network of clubs across England.

Direct Support
Direct support from the NGB field staff and the National Education CoCo-ordinator. Judo coaches are across the whole country. Our Approved Provider scheme can link your school with only the high quality coaches, ensuring standarstandards are consistently high.

Local Offer

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Kerry Tansey

NW Regional Delivery Officer

British Judo

M: 07967 778121

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