How can Gymnastics improve the quality of your PE Curriculum?

Gymnastics provides considerable advantages to individuals in terms of the fundamental physical, psychological and social building blocks for current and future participation – agility, balance and coordination/fundamental movement skills and social skills.

The British Gymnastics offer to support Physical Education in Primary Schools is:
Support to access high quality coaches. Support the set-up of extra-curricular activities. Support the set-up and sustainability of effective partnerships with community clubs. Access to British Gymnastics resources to support the delivery of Gymnastics within school. Access to a variety of self-help tools and resources which will assist you with the developments of curricular and extra-curricular gymnastics.

British Gymnastics also offer a ‘Partner School’ package (£17 per year) where schools will receive a package of support and resources. More information about becoming a BG Partner School can be found here


A range of workshops for teachers. For further information and to access courses, please click here 

Resources                                                                                                                                                              The Proficiency Core Gymnastics Award (40 work cards, wall posters and progress sheets). The content is also presented in DVD format. Further information on available resources can be found here

Key Step’ competition (intra or inter schools). Next Step’ competition framework or into a competitive club pathway.

Exit routes

British Gymnastics affiliated clubs offer a wide range of gymnastics disciplines, delivered by qualified coaches in recognised environments.

To find a club local to you, please use the ‘Discover Gymnastics’ website.

Direct Support
BG Development Officer is available for BG Partner Schools. As a BG Partner School, access to our GymNet coach tracker will allow you to advertise coaching opportunities and to search for coaches available in your area. Your local British Gymnastics Clubs may also be able to provide support to your school through coaches, competition support, judges and volunteers at events.


Participation Department

British Gymnastics

T: 0345 1297129

Crown Green Bowls in your area

There are 11 opportunities listed on the Physical Activity Directory. To view local opportunities please select your local area.

Check out our Gymnastics page for more information on Gymnastics in Cumbria