How can Cricket improve the quality of your PE Curriculum?

Cricket can play a vital role in the education and personal development of young people offering opportunities to lead healthy, purposeful lives.

Crickets offer to support Physical Education in Primary Schools is:
Opportunity to be a part of a wider cricket development programme through Chance to Shine or choose a bespoke offer of local cricket based initiatives through Local County Cricket Boards.
Opportunities for Teacher CPD (informal and formal) and accredited coaching courses.
Opportunities to be linked to Local Cricket Clubs and other exit routes including a talent pathway for all pupils.
Opportunities to compete at intra/ inter levels for all abilities and genders in National Competitions.
Whole school engagement programme in Chance to Shine.
High level support network of Country wide County Cricket Board professionals.
Opportunities for young leaders to be trained and developed.
Access to free cutting edge resources including PE lesson and classroom support.

ECB – Cricket for Teachers and Accredited Coach Education Courses (Player specific as of September 2013).
Chance to Shine – Informal INSET training days for large groups of teachers. These can be tailored to the needs of the school.

Resources available to schools
Chance to Shine, School assemblies, coaching cards, teaching aids.
National Curriculum tools – Cric ED, Ashes School Challenge, Spirit of Cricket and National Cricket Day.

Asda Kwik Cricket local, county and National Finals for Year 4, 5, 6 and a girl’s only route.
Chance to Shine Kwik Cricket Festivals (Intra and Inter).
All linked to School Games Level 1 -3.

Exit Routes
A large network of community clubs with ‘Club mark’ status to ensure the safeguarding and quality of environment provided to children to play and develop in cricket.
Talent pathways for gifted and talented children to be linked with Local County Cricket Boards into District/ County teams (girls, boys and disability).

Direct Support
Local Support from County Cricket Boards (Nation Wide) will ensure that you have access to high quality coaches, competition opportunities, CPD for teachers & young leaders, local club links and other information – facilities, insurance, equipment and guidance.

Local Offer

To get further information about clubs in your area please visit the Cumbria Cricket website


Bob Simpson (Development Director, Cumbria Cricket) Tel: 07785 722252

Cricket in your area

There are 13 opportunities listed on the Physical Activity Directory. To view local opportunities please select your local area.

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