How can Archery improve the quality of your PE Curriculum?

Archery offers schools something different to traditional sports on offer and caters for the ‘less sporty’ children, where all can experience sporting success.

Archery GB’s offer to support Physical Education in Primary Schools is:

• Provide easy to use resources and shooting equipment.
• Provide a range of inter and intra competition for primary schools.
• Provide a network of community club opportunities for young people.
• Provide support from Archery GB staff to support the work in schools.

Arrows Young Leaders

The Arrows Young Leader Award is for 14-19 year olds, information about the course can be found here

There is no training required to deliver Arrows, but we do have an optional 1.5 hour session for teachers/adults looking to use Arrows who want a practical opportunity to go through the pack and activities. Information about this optional course can be found at under further support.

There are also excellent online videos (see resources).

Equipment: Two different sized packs purchased from Archery GB Website
A Guide for Teachers: Includes all information needed to deliver Arrows.
Eight activity cards: Provides ideas to get sessions going straight away.
Festival card: Provides competitive option that is also the format for the School Games
at Primary level.
Reference card: For a quick reminder of the key things for your sessions.

Online videos - Two short videos at Archery GB Website go through some
of the detail in the Guide for Teachers to provide further support.

Competition - Festival card included in Arrows pack provides suggestions for competition which
also ties in with the format for the School Games at Primary level.

Exit Routes - Extra-curricular (afterschool or lunch) need to be supported by teachers and/or
Young Leaders to link into the network of community clubs (local links detailed

Direct coaching support may be available via a network of Archery GB accredited coaches in local community clubs.

Local Offer
There are some private providers who do work in schools. For more local information please contact: Martin Leonard at Northern Archery on 07928 629605 or  Jim Skivington, County Development Co-ordinator or visit Cumbria Archery 

Local Offer: Local Clubs


Archery GB Development Team

T: 01952 602795

Aikido in your area

There are 2 opportunities listed on the Physical Activity Directory. To view local opportunities please select your local area.

Check out our Archery page for more information on Archery in Cumbria