Street Tag Newsboard

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Season Dates

  • Season 1: 26th January - 21st April 2022
  • Season 2: 21st April - 20th July 2022
  • Season 3: 20th July - 14th September 2022
  • Season 4: 5th October - 7th December 2022
  • Season 5: 4th January 2023 - 1st March 2023
  • Season 6: 29th March - 31st May 2023
  • Season 7: 28th June - 13th September 2023
  • Season 8: 4th October - 6th December 2023

Here are the results for Season 7:

Huge congratulations to the top performing schools and well done to everyone who took part.

a table listing street tag season winners

Top Taggers Hall of Fame:

These are the players who have scored the most points in any one week.  Can you beat them and join our Hall of Fame?